Black Diamond Wind Weight Glove

The Black Diamond Wind Weight glove is part of Black Diamond windproof series of gloves.  The Wind Weight glove incorporates Polartec® Windbloc-ACT® to keep your hands warm, while the Pittards suede palm patch provides protection, while handing trekking poles, ice tools or rope.  The Black Diamond Wind Weight glove Polartec fleece not only blocks the wind, but provides soft comfort both inside and out.  The Wind Weight glove has a temperature rating (4/4 °C, 25/40 °F) that allows for a variety of outdoor activities in various weather conditions.  As tested the Black Diamond Wind Weight glove was a size men’s XL and color black.

Field Report

I began utilizing the Black Diamond Wind Weight Glove while backpacking and hiking in the Ozark Mountains of Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas.  Upon putting on the Wind Weight Glove, I immediately noticed that these gloves were a bit heavier than some of the other windstopper gloves I had utilized in the past. This seemed to be due to a heavier amount of Polartec and the suede palm on the gloves.  I quickly realized that although a small amount heavier, these gloves were extremely soft and comfortable and very warm.  I also recognized that the suede palm added strength and a toughness to the glove while handling my trekking poles.

I continued to use the Black Diamond Wind Weight Glove in a variety of cold weather conditions, to include snow and temperatures down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.   While using them in colder temperatures and in the snow, the Wind Weight glove was not only very comfortable, but very warm.  I really liked the suede palm of the gloves, since it not only added extra warmth to the gloves, but really contributed to the toughness and durability of the gloves.  I also liked that the gloves extended far enough up my sleeve to block the wind and prevent cold temperatures from traveling down my sleeve.  As I used these gloves, even in aerobic activities, I found these gloves kept my hands warm, but were breathable enough that my hands did not overheat or perspire.

During the Patagonia Expedition, I utilized the Black Diamond Wind weight glove on a daily basis, in a variety of elements and weather conditions.  I began utilizing the Wind Weight glove at lower elevations while around camp during the evenings and throughout the day during higher elevations.  Around camp, the Wind Weight gloves were heavy enough to keep my hands warm and yet light enough to allow me to use my cook stove, water filter and other items without removing the gloves.  The suede palm added a toughness and durability to the gloves that allowed me to use tools or remove rock and debris, without concern of doing damage to the gloves.

As we ascended the mountains of the Paine Massif in Chile, the weather became increasingly colder and began to rain.  As the rain and Patagonian wind increased, the temperature dropped and my hands became increasingly cold, forcing me to don a glove.  I chose to utilize the Wind Weight gloves, even though I did have some concerns about the gloves getting wet.  The Black Diamond Wind Weight gloves immediately provided warmth to my hands and allowed me to easily use my trekking poles and access pockets in my hard shell jacket and backpack.

After several hours, the Wind Weight gloves did get wet due to the rain, but the gloves still continued to keep my hands warm and help with the harsh Patagonia wind.  As we approached the summit, the weather changed from freezing rain to snow and the temperature continued to decrease. I continued to use the Wind Weight gloves and they continued to keep my hands warm and block the harsh and very cold wind.

Upon reaching camp, I removed the Wind Weight gloves and hung them to dry for the night.  I then checked the gloves the next morning and found that why they were not completely dry, they were however dry enough to utilize.  I then continued to use the gloves the entire day and found that they continued to block the wind and keep my hands warm even though they were still damp in some areas.  By the end of the day, the Wind Weight gloves were completely dry, probably due to my body heat helping to dry the gloves.

The Black Diamond Wind Weight gloves proved to be tough, durable and showed little signs of wear, even after being used for over 100 miles in varied conditions. The suede palm makes these gloves tougher than most other Polartec windstopper type of gloves and allowed me to use trekking poles, handle rope, use ice tools and other items without fear of wearing holes in the gloves.  Cleaning the Wind Weight gloves proved both quick and easy.  I used a clean damp cloth to clean small amounts of dirt and debris from the gloves and when the gloves got really dirty, I simply washed the gloves in my washing machine on delicate and then hung them to dry.

The Black Diamond Wind Weight Gloves are an excellent choice for those wanting a tough, durable, warm and comfortable pair of Polartec windstopper gloves.  The Wind Weight gloves are heavy and warm enough to keep your hands warm in temperatures into the 20’s and light enough to utilize during backpacking and hiking trips.  The suede palms of these gloves add a toughness and durability that allow these gloves to be used during light mountaineering and other alpine pursuits.

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