Ibex Tuck Glove (Women’s)

The Ibex Tuck glove is part of Ibex’s “We haven’t forgotten your extremities” line of items.  Ibex descibes the Tuck glove as a serious glove that features Ibex’s exclusive softshell features, 100% wool interior and polyester exterior. Merino interlock lining,  Primaloft insulation on top of the hand and smooth goat leather on palm add to the gloves serious appeal and attitude.

Field Report

The first time I put these gloves on I was amazed at how soft they were, especially against my skin. The 100% wool interior is completely itch-free and the softest feel I have ever had in a glove. The goat leather on the palm is very smooth and is non-restrictive. The Tuck Glove is less bulky than other gloves in their category and while reviewing these gloves utilized them as my heavier set of gloves.  The Ibex Tuck gloves did not disappoint as they were the warmest gloves I have used in a long time.

During the Patagonia Expedition 2010, I had the opportunity to really test these gloves. Patagonia is notorious for their winds and ever changing weather and while the first five days were sunny and relatively warm, I did utilize the Ibex Tuck gloves in the evening around camp, when the temperatures dropped significantly. During these evenings, the Tuck gloves proved to be very warm and the lack of bulk allowed me to utilize my camp stove, eat and do camp chores without removing my gloves.

The unpredictable Patagonia weather finally caught up to us on Day 6, as we attempted the John Gardner Pass. The climb up the Paine Massif via the John Garner Pass, the temperatures dipped into the 30’s and was accompanied by rain, sleet and snow.  The wind in combination with the rain proved to be tough on my hands and while I wanted to wear gloves, was worried that the Tuck gloves would get wet.

I finally broke down and put the Tuck Gloves on, which soon warmed my hands providing me some level of comfort in tough conditions.  The DWR finish repelled the water well, but as the gloves absorbed more and more water throughout the day, I found that my hands did not get cold. I contribute this in most part to the 100% Merino wool interlock lining. Merino wool pulls the moister away from your skin and helps keep you warm even when wet. The Primaloft insulation helped providing insulation and kept the cold winds from hitting my hands. The goat leather palms performed great, allowing me to grip trekking poles and tools in the rain, sleet and snow.

Upon reaching camp, I hung the gloves to dry and while they were not completely dry the next morning, I decided to continue to utilize them. The gloves continued to provide excellent warmth for my hands, even when a bit damp.  Upon completely drying, the gloves were still comfortable and the goat palm leather palms did not seem to shrink or have suffered from the elements. After two weeks of use, the Ibex Tuck glove showed no signs of wear or damage despite the tough Patagonia weather and terrain.

Overall, I was very pleased with the performance and durability of the Ibex Tuck gloves. These gloves are very warm, provide excellent protection from the elements and will even keep your hands warm if they do get wet. The DWR finish is good protection from the wind and rain and the leather goat skin palm provides toughness, but still allows you to utilize tools and items while climbing or around camp. These gloves are an excellent choice for a mid-weight glove for many outdoor activities.

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