Julbo Colorado Sunglasses

The Julbo Colorado sunglasses are part of Julbo’s Mountain Series of sunglasses.  These sunglasses are manufactured to perform in the high altitude environments where wind, snow and light reflection can become hazardous and other extreme outdoor activities like ice climbing, long trekking and backpacking trips.  These sunglasses are made with mouldable temples, removable side shields and Alti Spectron X6 lens.  These sunglasses as tested were metallic red with black trim and a cord.

Field Report

Upon receiving these sunglasses, I immediately put the glasses into use on various day hikes, overnight trips and multi-day backpacks in the Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas.   Upon adjusting the mouldable temples, I discovered the sunglasses to be very comfortable and easy to adjust to obtain a perfect fit.  The lenses performed well in bright to moderate sunlight and the side shields blocked all excess light to my eyes.

At time when the weather turned to overcast or cloudy conditions, the sunglasses still performed well and by using the attached nylon cord, I could simply remove the sunglasses and allow them to hand from my neck.  I do wish this cord was adjustable to control the length at which the sunglasses would hang, but I simply tied a knot in the cord to remedy this situation.

As the seasons changed to fall and then winter, I continued to use these sunglasses on numerous multi-day trips in the Ozark Mountains and one trip to the Cascade Mountains in Washington State.  During these trips, I experienced large amounts of snow and ice and found these sunglasses to perform flawlessly.  On sunny days with bright sunlight, the lenses on these sunglasses blocked the reflection from the snow very well and the side shields blocked all reflection from the side.

During these colder conditions, I found that these sunglasses did not fog, even when I was involved in heavy aerobic activities in the cold and snow.  The only time these glasses ever showed signs of fogging was when I walked from a warm shelter or area to a cold outside environment.  Under these conditions, these glasses would fog a slight amount on the top for a few seconds and then the fog would fade away.

My initial concern with these glasses was their durability over a length of time.  This concern was dispelled after using these glasses for several months in a variety of weather conditions, storing them in my backpack and wearing them in rugged terrain.  I was very happy with the durability of these sunglasses, as most of the time I was not using the protective case and simply stuffed them into a storage pocket of my backpack.  I still found very little sign of wear, the lenses remained scratch free and the rest of the sunglasses showed no damage.  When not in use I stored these glasses in their protective case and cleaned the lenses with a glass cleaning cloth and the remaining parts with a cotton cloth and warm water.

I will continue to use these glasses as my main outdoor sunglasses to protect my eyes in all conditions, especially in high altitude areas and on snow and ice.  These glasses perform well, do not fog, and are adjustable, thus making them very comfortable and much tougher then they look.  At a cost of $60.00, these sunglasses are an excellent choice.

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