Westcomb Mojave Pant

The Westcomb Mojave Soft-shell Pant is Westcomb’s top of the line soft-shell pant for back country use and features an easy technical design.   The Mojave manufactured with Hard-wearing Polartec¨ PowerShield¨ that delivers great all-weather protection without sacrificing mobility. The Westcomb Mojave Pants comes with the following specifications:

  • Two side-entry zippers
  • 2 large hand warmer pockets
  • Adjustable waist system
  • Articulated knees
  • High stitch-count double needle construction
  • Welded HDM scuff guard


When I first received the Westcomb Mojave Pant, I was immediately impressed with the tough feeling and stretchy material, teamed with the soft feeling Polartec insulation, that lines the inside of these pants.  I also noticed that the pants had side zips for core venting, scuff guards on the lower legs, two large hand pockets, one side pocket and an adjustable waistband with a belt.

I began putting the Westcomb Mojave Pants to use while backpacking and guiding in the Ozark Mountains of Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas.  I was immediately impressed with the pants while wearing them in colder temperatures and in the snow, as they provided great wind protection and warmth.  When doing highly aerobic activities, I was able to utilize the core venting zippers on the side of the legs to regulate my temperature.  The material of the Mojave pants proved to be water resistant in both rain and snow and both tough and durable when crawling over rocks, boulders, logs and hiking through heavy brush and debris.  The Westcomb Mojave Pants performed so well in the Ozark Mountains, I decided to really put them to the test during the Patagonia Expedition 2010.

The foremost test for the Westcomb Mojave Pants during the Patagonia Expedition 2010, was to try and protect me from the notorious Patagonia wind, that at times was almost overwhelming.  The Westcomb Mojave pants continued to impress and perform flawlessly in this cold Patagonia wind.  When around camp at night, these pants, teamed with a base layer underneath, kept me warm in cold temperatures and protected me from the wind. The Polartec material and the insulation inside the pants deflected the wind and provided the extra warmth that I needed to stay warm.  I also found  the Westcomb Mojave pants to be very water resistant, when I occasionaly got caught in the short Patagonia rain or snow showers then seem to come out of no where and last for less then 5 minutes.

While utilizing crampons on a glacier in Patagonia, the Westcomb Mojave Pants continued to impress and show their versatility.  The reinforced welded scuff guards provided great protection from the sharp points of the crampons and the core venting continued to prove useful when working hard crossing and climbing on the ice.  The side zippers continued to allow me to control and adjust my body temperature when engaging in aerobic activities.  The water resistant exterior continued to perform well in the ice and snow and the Polartec insulation kept me warm on the ice and snow and protected me from the wind.

The hand warmer pockets that are also insulated, were great for warming my hands and the side pocket helped to provide extra storage that always comes in handy.  I do wish however, that the zippers contained either a small piece of rope or another mechanism to assist with opening and closing the zippers.  This would make their use much easier, especially when wearing gloves or in colder weather.

After months of use, the Westcomb Mojave Pants showed no visible signs of wear and continued to perform as new.  The scuff guards contained a few stains and a couple scratched in the material from crampons, but other then that, these pants still looked great.  Cleaning the Westcomb Mojave Pants is as easy and washing them in the washing machine with other clothing.  I would then hang them and let them air dry.  Sometimes when the Mojave pants were especially dirty, I would use a light brush on the scuff guards to remove the mud and debris before washing.  Once cleaned, I simply stored the Mojave pants in a drawer with my other outdoor clothing.

If you are looking for a comfortable, tough, durable and versatile pair of soft-shell pants, you really should check out the Westcomb Mojave Pants.  The pants have everything that make a great soft-shell pant, as they are very tough and durable, provide great warmth and wind protection, storage and the core venting is the icing on the cake.  Although not cheap, these pants are worth the money if you are looking for performance and durability.

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