Nuun Hydration Tablets

Nuun Hydration tablets are a fast acting, optimally balanced, electrolyte hydration drink in a tablet. Nuun tablets are hydration pack friendly and come in a tube that is water resistant and easy to carry in your hand, pocket or backpack.  One tube comes with 12 tablets, which is enough product to create 6 liters (1.5 gallons) of electrolyte treated water.  Nuun tablets are produced to be absorbed quickly and to provide optimal salt balance to prevent cramping.  Nuun tablets are sugar and carbohydrate free, yet combine hydration with energy to create an optimum replacement product.  Since Nuun Hydration comes in a tablet and not a powder, so you do not have to worry the packaging bursting, the product getting wet and turning into a sticky mess, or the product blowing in the wind while you try and use it.  Nuun also comes in a variety of flavors to solve anyone’s pallet.  During testing, we used flavors Tri-Berry, Banananuun and Lemon+Lime.


I began utilizing the Nuun Hydration tablets, while backpacking and hiking in the Ozark Mountains of Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas.  I immediately liked the tube used for storage of the product, as it was light and small enough to pack in a pocket or a corner of my backpack.  The tube shape itself made it easy to store in a variety of circumstances and the tube being waterproof is also a great selling point.

Upon placing the Nuun tablets in my water bottle, I noticed that the tablet immediately began to dissolve due to it being an effervescent.  The tablets dissolved very quickly and seemed like the bottle did not need to be shaken to mix the product.  Upon tasting the product, I was pleased with the fruity taste of the flavor, which in this case was Tri-Berry.  The Nuun Hydration did not create a fizzy effect in the water, but continued to keep the flat effect of the water.

While utilizing the Nuun Hydration, my body continued to stay hydrated and it seemed like Nuun helped to provide good energy through highly aerobic activity.  While using Nuun in a variety of weather conditions and terrain, my body never obtained any cramps or felt like I was ever lacking in energy or hydration.  Using the Nuun tablets was very easy to use and did not require me to deal with powders or have to worry about the packaging bursting, getting broken or getting wet.  I also loved the fact that I could take one or two tubes on a trip and have enough product to last a week or longer and take up very little space in my backpack.  I liked the product so much, after using it for a few weeks, I decided to take it on the Patagonia Expedition 2010 and really put it to the test in the Andes Mountains.

During the Patagonia Expedition 2010, I took two bottles of the Nuun hydration product to be utilized on the expedition.  The two bottles were very easy to pack and store in my backpack and continued to be easy to use.  Access to the tablets was as easy as opening the bottle lid, removing a tablet or two and dropping them in my water bottle.  This proved to be very convenient in the harsh Patagonia winds, rain and cold temperatures.  I loved the fact that I did not have to deal with the trash that it created from powder hydration products and the added difficulty with powder products.

As I completed numerous long days, trekking through the Paine Massif in Patagonia, I found the Nuun tablets to continue to be a great product.  While ascending and descending the Andes Mountains and glaciers, I continually engaged in highly aerobic activity, usually while wearing multiple layers of clothing for warmth.  This physical activity teamed with the heavy clothing, caused my body to perspire and forced me to consume liquids to stay hydrated.  I found that Nuun hydration helped to keep me hydrated, prevented me from getting cramped and helped my energy levels to stay high.

Overall, the Nuun Hydration tablets are a great hydration option.  Nuun Hydration tablets come in a variety of flavors, and the small tube is not only easy to store and use, but is waterproof.  The tablets are very easy to use, do not create extra trash being built up and provide excellent hydration and electrolyte replacement.