Beyond Coastal Sunscreen

The Beyond Coastal Active Sunscreen is the ultimate sport sunscreen, transparent, non-greasy and fast absorbing. The Active Sunscreen is water and sweat resistant, won’t sting your eyes and provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB coverage  for complete sun protection.   This Active Sunscreen is also rich in natural anti-oxidants.  The Active Sunscreen comes in a squeeze container that contains 1 ounce of product.  The Beyond Coastal Active Sunscreen also contains the following ingredients and provides the following functions:

  • Sport Formula – Goes on fast and transparent
  • Protects – Real broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection supplied by Avobenzone (Parsol 1789)
  • Nourishes – Natural nutrients, Aloe, Shea Butter, Rose Hip Oil, rebuild and restore the skin.
  • Repairs- Natural antioxidants from Yerba Mate, Green Tea, and Algae Extract scavenge free radicals, restoring skin tone.
  • Hydrates – Pro Vitamin B, Shea Butter and Rose Hip Oil moisturize, maintaining skin cell balance.
  • Fragrance free, Oil free, Paraben free
  • Formulated for high sun exposure activities where maximum UVA/UVB protection is needed
  • Fast absorbing, non-greasy sport sunscreen
  • Water resistant for high output activities


Active Ingredients                       Function
Avobenzone                             UVA Active Sunscreen
Octinoxate                             UVB Active Sunscreen
Octisalate                             UVB Active Sunscreen
Octocrylene                             UVB Active Sunscreen
 Natural Inactive Ingredients
Shea Butter                              UVB Protection, Anti-aging, Moisturizer
Rose Hip Oil                              Anti-aging, Soothes Skin, Moisturizes
Aloe Vera                              Cleanser, Detoxifier, Rebuilds Skin Tissue
Alpha Lipoic Acid                              Antioxidant – 400 times stronger than Vitamin C
Yerba Mate Extract                              Antioxidant – Fights Free Radicals
Green Tea Extract                              Antioxidant – Free Radical Scavenger
Vitamin E                              Antioxidant – Fights Free Radicals
Vitamin C                              Antioxidant – Fights Free Radicals
Algae Extract                              Antioxidant – Fights Free Radicals
Pro Vitamin B                             Deep Penetrating Moisturizer, Restores Elasticity
Glycerin                             Maintains Skin Homeostasis
Deionized Water                             Hydrates


Field Report

I began using the Beyond Coastal Active Sunscreen while backpacking and guiding in the Ozark Mountains of Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas.  As I began to apply the Beyond Coastal Active Sunscreen to my skin, I immediately noticed that the product was fragrance free, which is really nice when being in the outdoors.  The product covered nice as I spread it over my arms, neck, and face, was transparent, but it was a bit thick at times.  It seemed clear that the Active Sunscreen contained hydrating ingredients, as it seemed to nourish my dry skin.  Maybe this is why is seemed to be a little thick as I applied the sunscreen.

Throughout the day, the sunscreen performed well, did not wash off due to perspiration and seemed to do a great job protecting my skin from the sun.  The Active Sunscreen also continued to hydrate and nourish my skin and seemed to still be effective, even after a long day.  I really liked this feature, as while working hard in the outdoors, you do not want to have to continually reapply sunscreen throughout the day. At the end of the day, I noticed that I was not sunburned, but could tell that I had spend long hours in the sun due to a slight browning of my skin.  My skin still felt hydrated and nourished and never felt greasy throughout the day, even while perspiring.

The Lip balm comes in a tube with a removable lid and also can be purchased with a clip or sleeve to attach to a backpack, jacket or piece of clothing.  The Lip Balm contains SPF 15, is also fragrance free and rolls on smooth and easily.  The Lip Balm performed well protecting my lips from not only the sun, but the wind.  At the end of the day, my lips felt great, yet did not feel like they were coated with some type of chemical or lotion.

My next test for the Beyond Coastal Active Sunscreen was on the Patagonia Expedition 2010.  During the 15 day trip to Chile and Argentina, the South American sun, Patagonian wind and the suns reflection off water and glaciers proved to be real test for any sunscreen and Lip Balm.

While in Patagonia, the Active Sunscreen continued to go on smooth and even, but continued to feel a bit thick as I applied it to my skin.  I continued to like the fragrance free smell and the non-greasy and even covering feel of the sunscreen.  I was even more impressed with the Active Sunscreen as it did a great job protecting my skin from the sun and did an especially good job protecting my nose, which always seems get the worst of the sun, especially on snow.  Once applied, the Beyond Coastal Active Sunscreen protected my skin all day and allowed me the freedom not to have to continually reapply.  The sunscreen continued to stay in place even during periods of heavy perspiration and short periods of rain.

The Beyond Coastal Active Lip Balm performed very well and not only protected my lips from the sun, but from the wind and cold blowing off the glaciers.  While in Patagonia, the wind proved a challenge, no matter what the weather, as it blew on both sunny and cloudy days and was especially tough as it came across the glaciers.  Without a really good Lip Balm, my lips would have been sun burned and really chapped due to the harsh winds.  After applying the Active Lip Balm, I did not have to worry about the wind or the sun, even though I would reapply several times per day.  I was so impressed with this Lip Balm that I will continue to carry it on future expeditions and feel confident that I will be protected.

Overall, I really liked these two products.  Beyond Coastal has done a excellent job creating Active products that go on easy, cover well, are fragrance free and protect all day.  The Active Lip Balm seemed to be next to perfect and the Active Sunscreen performed very well, but at times went on a bit thick.  Any outdoor enthusiasts should be pleased with the performance of these products.

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