GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Flask

The Glacier Stainless Flask is essentially designed for a sleek, reliable way to enjoy your favorite drink, even if you are traveling in the most rugged wilderness and terrain.  With its screw-down, hinged top, you can rest assured that the contents of the Glacier Flask will remain in the Glacier Flask for the duration of your trip.  The slick, no-nonsense appearance of the flask, also offers a sense of class and style to any occasion.  As tested, the flask was stainless steel in color and the 9 ounce size.

Field Report

I began using the GSI Outdoors Glacier Flask while on the Patagonia Expedition 2010.  This expedition took us through some of the most rugged and remote areas of Chile and Argentina.  The GSI Outdoors Glacier Flask provided us with the opportunity to carry our favorite spirits and enjoy an end-of-the-day cocktail, as we struggled through the tough Patagonian weather and terrain.  I personally found that a social cocktail at the end of a tough and demanding climb was a real reward and helped to keep moral up on the toughest of days.

As the keeper of the “Flask”, my duty was to ensure that the contents remained in the vessel throughout the arduous journey through the Andes Mountains.  Having utilized various flasks in the past, my concern was more my gear and my backpack, as it seems that I always get stuck with a flask that leaks inside my pack. I was assurd that the GSI Outdoors Glacier Flask was up to the challenge, so I decided to carry it inside my backpack without the extra protection of a plastic bag or other device.  I am happy to report that even with multiple handlers carting my backpack through airports, cab rides and bus rides, I found the GSI Outdoors Glacier Flask to be impenetrable.

The flask was an extremely easy part of my packing experience, as all I was made to do was enlist the aid of the flask’s convenient filling funnel while pouring in our drink of choice.  The funnel was very easy to clean and store afterward, making the whole ordeal last a matter of minutes from start to finish, without spilling a drop.  The small size was easy to pack and store in any corner of my backpack and the stainless exterior proved durable and tough.  After 50 miles on the trail in Patagonia, the flask showed no dents, signs of wear or even scratches, despite being thrown around inside my backpack.  I also found that the GSI Outdoors Glacier Flask was easy to use, clean and refill along the trail.

I did notice that a few days into our expedition the screw-down lid began to squeak fairly loudly when opened or closed. It may have just been a matter of the particular climate we were in, hot one minute and cold the next, but it was a bit annoying.   When sitting quietly with my group, recalling the day’s events, I was slightly annoyed at the sound of the flask screeching when opened or closed.

Overall, my personal trial with the Glacier Stainless Flask was worth the effort of preparing the contents and hauling it half-way across the globe and not just because of what it contained.  Unlike other Flasks I have used, this item did not leak or show any real signs of wear.  The Flask is easy to store, takes up very little space and is built for an untamed environment.

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