Jetboil Utensil Kit

The Jetboil Utensil Kit is specifically designed to be used with the various Jetboil cooking system and to be used with the various meal-in-a-bag systems that are so popular among outdoor enthusiasts.  The Jetboil Utensil Kit some with three utensils, a spoon, fork and a spatula.  The utensils are manufactured using high temperature nylon and were specifically developed to be used as a telescope, this allowing the lengths of the utensils to be adjustable.  This ability to adjust the lengths of the utensils allows the user to be able to reach into the corners of a meal-in-a-bag and not waste food on the trail.  This adjustability also helps in various other aspects of cooking around the camp or in the outdoors.

Field Report

After a long day of backpacking in the Ponca Wilderness, I set up camp and began cooking a hot meal.  Like many outdoor enthusiasts, I enjoy a hot meal for dinner, especially during cold weather.  On this occasion, I was using a meal-in-a-bag.  While preparing the meal, I found the spoon very light and was very impressed with the ability to adjust the length.  Upon adjusting the length, I found that I had the ability to easily reach into the corners of the meal-in-a-bag and stir the dehydrated meal, allowing the hot water to reach all the contents.  I also was very pleased with the ability to use this utensil to reach into the far corners of the bag, without getting remnants of the meal on my gloves or hands.

As I consumed the meal, I continually found the extra length available by adjusting the utensil very helpful.  The added length of the utensil again allowed me to reach into the entire bag to retrieve food and allowed me to do so without transferring the contents of the meal onto my hands and gloves.  Upon finishing the meal I found the utensils easy to clean and easy to store, especially if you have the Jetboil Personal Cooking System (PCS).  The insulated mug of the PCS, comes with an cargo Cozy to store these utensil when not being used.  This cargo Cozy proved very useful not only for the storage of these utensils, but allowed me to store all the necessary meal preparation materials in one place.

I continued to find the Jetboil utensils to perform well in all weather conditions and terrain.  The utensils continued to be easy to store in the cargo Cozy, easy to clean in the field and when returning home and showed no signs of wear after continued use and washing.  Even after washing the utensils numerous times in the field and at home in my dishwasher, the utensils continued to look new and perform well.  I continued to be impressed by the ability to adjust the length of the utensils, which made preparing and eating meals much easier and more sanitary.  My only criticism of these utensils is their cost.  Nearly twenty dollars for the three utensils seems a big expensive, but the product does perform well and to date shows no signs of letting up.

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