Micronet Seude Micro-fiber Towel

MicroNet Advanced Microfiber Towels use a specially engineered, high density knit fabric that is a highly compact-able, super absorbent with absolutely unique water absorption and cleaning properties. The ultra-fine .2 denier microfiber weave dries quickly – 90% of water is removed with hand wringing. MicroNet microfiber properties and luxuriant feel are ideal for the discriminating travel, outdoor and water sports enthusiast. The handy carrying bag has a mesh front and waterproof backing.

  • Incredibly small packed size fits easily into a backpack, travel pack or luggage.
  • Super absorbent holds up to 5 times its weight in water.
  • Fast and easy drying hand wringing removes almost all water and provides fastest dry time.
  • Includes convenient hanging loop.
  • Microfiber weave dries faster than regular towels.
  • No special laundering required.


Field Report

Over the years, while backpacking and mountaineering in various locations, I have used several different kinds of camp towels, but have never really found one that I really liked.  That’s why I am always excited when I get the opportunity to test and review new camp towels and there was especially the case when I had a chance to review the Micronet Suede Micro-fiber Towel.

I began using the Micronet Suede Micro-fiber Towel while backpacking and climbing in Northern Arkansas.  During my first multi-day trip while utilizing the towel, I especially liked the fact that it was full size and not just hand towel size.  Despite the large size, the towel is super light-weight and packs up very small and very easily.  At the end of a long day of backpacking and climbing, there is nothing better then a refreshing bath in a mountain stream, even in cold temperatures and colder water.   After the cold and refreshing mountain bath, I found the Micronet Suede Micro-fiber Towel to be very absorbent, soft and comfortable and large enough to use as a full bath towel.  I was surprised how such a light-weight towel, could be so absorbent and soft, but yet durable enough to carry for days in a backpack and use in the mountains. The Micronet Suede Micro-fiber towel performed so well in the Ozark Mountains, I decided to take it on the Patagonia Expedition 2010.

While in Patagonia, I used the Micronet Suede Micro-fiber Towel daily for bathing, basic hygiene around camp, drying my feet after river crossings and as a general purpose camp towel.  The Micronet Suede Micro-fiber Towel continued to be super absorbent, dry very quickly and surprised me that it did not really hold odors.  Even after using it for 9 days on the trail in Patagonia, the towel did not seem to have that funky odor that towels can sometimes get.  The light-weight and easy packable features continued to be positive on a long trip like Patagonia, along with the durability of the towel.

After using the Micronet Suede Micro-fiber Towel for several months, it proved to be very durable and easy to care for and clean.  The towel continued to look great, perform well and showed little signs of wear.  After each trip or expedition, I simply washed the towel in the washing machine with other items and then dried on a line or hanger instead of using a dryer.  When not being used, I would store in a closet with the remainder of my outdoor gear.

The Micronet Suede Micro-fiber towel, is the best camp or outdoor type towel I have used to date.  This towel is very soft, packs small, light-weight, super absorbent, dries quickly and much tougher than one would think.  I especially like the large size, durability and easy of cleaning.  If you don not have a good camp towel, give this one a try, I do not think you will be disappointed.

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