Petzl Myo XP Headlamp

The Petzl Myo XP is the top of the line Outdoor light manufactured by Petzl for mountaineering and climbing.  This light was developed for Outdoor activities using the latest technology, where traveling at night in harsh weather conditions is a real possibility.  This light is made to produce efficient lighting, in all types of conditions, without being bulky or heavy.  The Myo XP headlamp utilizes an LED bulb and a wide-angled lens that is made of impact resistant polycarbonate.  The lens and light is also water proof allowing for use in a variety of weather conditions and environments.  The light has three lighting levels (maximum, optimal and economic), along with a boost setting.  There is a battery indictor light that alerts the user when 70 and 90 percent of the battery life has been utilized.  The LED bulb allows the user to shine light up to 97 meters and the wide-angled lens allows the user to train a narrow or wide beam of light at the intended target.  The three AA batteries will power the light for 180 hours on the economic setting (Do not use rechargeable batteries with this light).  The Myo XP is grey in color, with grey and black graphics and the Petzl name on the elastic strap.

Field Report

Upon receipt of this light, I immediately noticed how sturdy the light felt, yet at the same time how light it felt, even with the three AA batteries.  Upon trying on the light, I found the elastic headband easy to adjust and discovered that the light was very comfortable to wear.  The light itself was easily adjusted to control the beams distance and intensity with just the touch of a button or two.  I was surprised by the intensity of the light produced, along with the relative little use of power that the light drained from the batteries.

I first put the light to use during a backpacking trip in the Ozark Mountains.  During the trip on the trail, I ran across one of numerous caves that are common in this part of the country and used the light to do some quick exploring.  I found the light to be comfortable and provide ample light inside the cave to examine various rock formations, cave insects and a waterfall.  The various lighting levels proved helpful depending on the situation at hand and the ability to adjust the beam to narrow or wide a real positive.

Around camp, the Myo XP provided more than enough light to cook, set up a tent, gather firewood and locate that late night latrine.  I even used the light to read a book before bed and discovered that the economic light level was adequate for this task.  I also found the Myo XP produced a much more intense light and a wider beam that the light that my fellow outdoor enthusiasts were utilizing, along with having more features for me to utilize.

On a mountaineering trip in the Cascade Mountains of Western Washington, I discovered that the Myo XP fit well on my helmet.  When I added the provided top strap to the light, I found the light to not only be stable, but extremely secure.  This proved to be the case, as I crossed snow fields, glaciers and crevasses, both in the day and during the night.  After utilizing the Myo XP attached to my helmet for several hours of mountaineering, it continued to perform well and fit securely.   The Myo XP provided plenty of light for trekking over glaciers in the dark with a medium snowfall and for use in attaching and working rope lines on steeper terrain.  The weather proof lens functioned flawlessly, as this light seems to be bulletproof.

I have continued to use the Myo XP in all types of weather, terrain and conditions and have continued to find it to perform well in all conditions and circumstances.  The light remains comfortable, produces plenty of light for various conditions and seems to perform well for an extended period of time on 3 AA batteries.  When needed, I use a cloth with warm water and dish soap and clean the light by hand and have found this to be adequate for cleaning.  I store the light in my gear closet on a shelf with my other outdoor gear and remove the batteries from the light if I will not be using it for an extended period of time.

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