Sierra Designs Arrow Rock 15 Sleeping Bag

The Sierra Designs Arrow Rock 15 Sleeping Bag  is one of Sierra Designs 3-Season series of sleeping bags and is rated at 15 ° F / – 9 °    The Arrow Rock 15 comes with Sierra Designs Flex™ technology throughout, that provides an unparalleled night’s rest.   The 600-fill goose down sleeps well in a variety of terrain and weather conditions and the tuck stitching guards seams against an early demise due to abrasion.  A draft tube and ergonomic hood seal out the cold, while a full-length Snag Free zipper allows you to adjust to temperature fluctuations.

The Sierra Designs Arrow Rock 15 comes with the following specifications:

  • Right Zip Option Available
  • Flex™
  • Continuous Baffle Construction
  • Ergonomic Hood and Foot Box
  • Draft Collar
  • Tuck Stitch
  • EN Tested
  • 15° F / – 9° C
  • Regular Long
  • Fits Up To 6′ 6″
  • Zipper Side Right or Left
  • Comfort 27°F / -3°C
  • Lower Limit 14°F / -10°C


Field Report

Upon receiving the Sierra Designs Arrow Rock 15 down sleeping bag, I was intrigued by the Flex technology of the materials of the sleeping bag and the compression straps on the outside of the bag.  The Arrow Rock 15 seemed to have good down loft, be very light and nice draft collar.  The hood and footbed also had an ergonomic construction that I was also excited to test.

As I began to pack the Arrow Rock 15 into a compression bag, I liked the fact that the down packed very small and when compressed was small enough to easily pack in the sleeping bag compartment of my backpack.  The Arrow Rock actually packed up so small, I was able to pack several other items in the sleeping bag compartment with the sleeping bag, allowing me to have more room in the main compartment of my backpack.

After backpacking through the wilderness of the Ozark Mountains, we set up camp and I removed the Arrow Rock sleeping bag from my compression sack.  With just a few shakes of the bag, the 600 fill down sprang back to life, providing me a warm and comfortable platform with which to get a good nights sleep.  Once inside the Arrow Rock 15, the mummy shape fit well around my frame and the ergonomic hood and draft collar protected me from the elements, while still being comfortable.  The zipper is tough and burly, performed well and allowed to zip and unzip the bag easily, even in the dark when I could not see.

Sleeping in the Arrow Rock 15, I felt comfortable and warm.  The compression straps allowed me to cinch the sack and get rid of any excess space.  This in turn made the bag warmer, by not forcing my body to heat an extra space inside the bag.  The inside lining is nice and provided an excellent platform on top of the 600 fill down.  In temperatures down to about 25 degrees this bag is super warm and provided a great nights sleep with me wearing only a baselayer.  Below 25 degrees, I found that I would get a little cold and needed to wear extra clothing to be warm enough to get a good nights sleep.

Over the next few months, I continued to be impressed with the performance of the Arrow Rock 15 sleeping bag.  It proved to be both tough and durable as I used it in a variety of weather conditions.  The zipper continued to work well even after extended use, the exterior and interior lining still looked and performed well and the 600 fill down still continued to have great loft.  The sleeping bag did have areas where some of the down feathers would push through the exterior lining, but this is a usual occurrence  with down sleeping bags.  I would simply push the feathers back inside the bag and rub my finger over the area to close any small hole in the lining.  The only negative with the bag, was that I did continue to get cold in the bag while utilizing it in temperatures below 25 degrees.

The Arrow Rock 15 proved to be durable and tough and even after months of use, showed no signs of wear and had sustained no damage.  The Arrow Rock 15 also proved easy to clean, as I used a damp clean cloth to remove dirt, grime, debris and even mud.  The outer shell proved to be tough, durable, breathable and very easy to clean.  When not in use, I stored the Arrow Rock 15 in a protected area and hung it on a wall to protect the down from compression.

The Sierra Designs Arrow Rock 15 sleeping bag is a great option for an outdoor enthusiast looking for a down sleeping bag that is inexpensive and will still perform well in 3 seasons.  The Arrow Rock’s 600 fill down will keep you warm spring through fall and the 3D polyester shell is both tough and breathable.  The compression straps and draft collar add to the warmth of the bag, while the Flex technology takes the comfort of the bag to another level.  Perhaps the best thing about the Arrow Rock 15, is that you will not have to take out a loan to own it, thus allowing you to spend your money on your next adventure.

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