Packing your Backpack

If your pack has a sleeping bag compartment in the bottom, use this to store your sleeping bag, pillow, sleeping attire and sleeping bag liner.

Next, pack your tent, sleeping pad, stove, water filter in the main compartment and your hydration bladder in its compartment.

Third, pack toiletries, mug, eating utensils and clothing that you will not need until camp around the previous items, filling every nook and cranny. Don’t fold your clothing neatly, just shove them in any open space .

On top in the main compartment, put your rain gear and down jacket that you may need to access easily on breaks or during bad weather.

Fill the lid with essentials that you might need to access along the trail, like a first-aid kit, toilet paper, survival kit, food, snacks, and rain cover.

Use the outside pockets to store bottles, camera, gloves, beanie cap, etc.

Lastly, use the outside of the pack to lash any bigger items like trekking poles, ice axe, crampons, water shoes and/or any items that you could not fit in the main compartment like your tent or sleeping pad. Make sure you cinch all items stored on the outside of the pack tight .