Rush Mountain Trail

hto_ Rush Mountain Trail
hto_ Rush Mountain Trail

This is an easy hike through history, as you explore the old mining town of Rush. The trail starts just past what still stands of the old town and allows you to explore several old buildings and historical items. The trail then climbs up a hill to reach the mine level. The trail then travels east along the side of the hill, past numerous old mines and some old mining equipment. The mine shafts themselves have been gated off for safety and shouls not be entered. The trail then winds around running along a beautiful creek and past several more mines and an old stream engine.

Eventually, you will reach a part of the trial that in not maintained and climbs around and eventually over Rush Mountain and back to the trailhead. From here you can simply back track or continue, but this part of the trail can be very confusing, is not marked, maintained or traveled to any great degree and caution should be used. Overall, this is a fun little hike, with a great deal of history to explore.

Trail Details

  • Location: Yellville, Arkansas
  • Total Mileage: 3.7 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Maintained: Yes
  • Elevation: 797 feet
  • Water Crossings: No
  • Camping: No
  • Head Height:
  • Access to Water: Yes
  • Marked: Yes, partially
  • Directions:

    Arkansas 14 South from Yelleville, then follow the Park Service signs to the East on a county road