Sylamore Creek

This is a great little trail that winds along Sylamore Creek through some great blufflines and past some wonderful waterfalls and geological features. The trail starts off with a crossing of Sylmore Creek, a short hike upa hill and then through somje amazing blufflines and during the wet seasons some great waterfalls. The trail continues along the bllufflines overlooking Sylamore Creek eventually passing through the Blanchard Springs Recreation Area. This area offers a commercial cave, campground, restroom facilities and an amazing bluff and swimming hole.

The trail then leaves Blanchard Springs and climbs up a nice hill, to again offer some great views of the valley and Sylamore Creek. Upon decending back down to the creek, there are several backcountry areas that are great for camping and a monument to a fallen Arkansas State Trooper who loved this area. The trail then climbs back up, through a cedar glove coverd in moss before reaching the Gunner’s Pool Recreation Area. This area also offers campground facilites.

The last stretch of the trail, continues to provide amazing views of Sylamore Creek and the surrounding valley and climbs through and around some amazing bluff and rock formations. The trail then finally reaches the Barkshed Recreation Area, which offers a compground and another amazing swimming hole. In recent years, the trail has been extended and it is now possible to continue this trail farther west into the Leathewood Wildernedd Area.

Trail Details

  • Location: Ash Flat, Arkansas
  • Total Mileage: 22
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Maintained: Yes
  • Elevation:
  • Water Crossings: Yes (Multiple)
  • Camping: Camoground and backcountry camping
  • Head Height:
  • Access to Water: Yes
  • Marked: Yes
  • Directions:

    From Ash Flat, Arkansas, travel west on Hwy 14, as you cross the bridge going over the South Sylamore Creek you’ll see guardrails. The road changes to a three-lane highway on the uphill side of the bridge. At the end of the guardrails look for the brown and white sign that says “Hiking Trail”. Turn right and go down a steep narrow road that heads downhill 3/4 mi. into the river bottom. At the end of the road you’ll see a long silver guardrail. In the center of the guard rail is an opening, this is the trail head. This trail is for human foot traffic only. No horses, no bicycles, no ATV’s.